Dec 26 2006

One In Under-a-Million

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I recently participated in John Chow’s Review-For-Linkback offer. Since I’ve learned about Technorati rankings and using Google Analytics, I’ve become mildly obsessed with tracking how many visitors I have to my site.

My daily average for visitors is oh, about 5 people a day. Yep. That’s it. Until recently, all visitors were people I knew – friends. At first, this didn’t bother me that much as the point of my blog was to write. I wanted to see if I had the discipline to write regularly. Based on how much I want to write and all the ideas that I have, I have learned that I do have the discipline.

It’s difficult to write in vacuum. I believe that most writers want feedback. I researched ways to attract more visitors and submitted posts to several carnivals. I also started reading more blogs. I was not a blog reader before and now I’m always clicking on the websites of people who comment to see if their work appeals to me. I wanted to become more of an active member of the blogosphere and began leaving comments.

After I participated in the carnivals, I noticed visitors from all over the United States. It’s been fun looking at Google Analytic’s map and seeing new locations turn up.

John’s ranking is high. When he linked to my site, my visitor numbers tripled! Yep, I went from around 5 visitors to a peak of 16 on Christmas day. Hey, it’s all relative. I also attracted many new visitors and from around the world! Sydney! Beijing! Berlin! Paris!

Since I began my blog in September, I’ve always had a Technorati ranking over 1 Million – around 1.5 million! The lowest it ever went was around 1.3 million when I suddenly got 9 links from “adult” websites after my post about pornographic blogs. Today my Technorati rank is 888,766. I am dumbfounded. Having John Chow link to my site really IS a yank up the ole ranking. I really don’t want to be obsessed with my ranking, but yow, seeing my rank go up is exciting. I am sure that the other reviewers saw a similar increase.

John’s offer also introduced me to many new sites that I plan to keep checking up on, like Broke-Ass Student (great name!)

John’s contest for best review is over, but he’s still offering linkbacks for reviews; if you want to see your ranking move up, post a review about his site and email him.

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  1. Edward Millson 26 Feb 2007 at 10:30 am

    Hi MsQ. You’re visitors are not ALL people you know. I’ve been reading your blog since you first submitted an entry to the Law of Attraction carnival way back when. Keep on going. You’ll see your numbers go up naturally as you continue. When I started, I had 7 visitors in my first MONTH!

  2. MsQon 26 Feb 2007 at 10:45 am

    Hi, Edward – You’re right! My numbers have been going up and I have been getting more and more new readers. Another blogger, HMTKSteve, has been very helpful with giving me some advice on how to improve the look of my site as well as sending a bunch of new readers my way via StumbleUpon and Digg. How nice is that?

    Thanks for continuing to read my blog and I’m glad yours is continuing to grow. I didn’t know you were in MyBlogLog and just joined your community!

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