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Mar 09 2007

Some People You Just Love

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If loving were easy, we’d all be doing it.
It’s not an equitable relationship but you love them anyway.
You love them because they are so difficult to love.
You love them because you know they love you but aren’t so great with the whole loving business.
You love them because they teach you that love isn’t always easy.
You [...]

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Dec 10 2006

rain in the city

Published by MsQ under Poems

Shush and shush.
Snug under my covers.
Tap and tippity-tap.
Rain on my window.
Whispers in the trees.
Shush and shush.
Rubber kisses on wet cement.
Whish and swish
susurrating, soothing insinuating
my dreams.
rain in the city.
a kiss on my brow

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